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Our founder, Brad White, started this business with a vision and dedication to customer service that built the foundation of growth and success we enjoy today. Although Brad passed away not long ago, his spirit still lives on in our memory of his unwavering zeal and unbridled enthusiasm for producing excellent work that served the needs of his customers.

It's Brad's legacy that still drives our high standards for exceptional customer service, and quality based deliverables. Brad's relentless passion for customer service was vividly evident when he would say, "I want to be the guy who rides into town on the white horse and saves the day!"


We started off as
a small business


Our original company, Medical Systems, was solely a provider of medical forms and filing supplies. While it was a small company upon its founding in 1983, we had an ambitious dream for its success and were willing to put in the work to make it happen. We’ve now expanded that company to a full-service printing and design company that serves both our medical forms and filing supplies clients, and our broader client segment, who require high-quality printing and promotional products. Our hard-working team is focused on the consistent delivery of excellent customer service in every aspect of our operations.

We continually strive to find new products and systems that will help our healthcare professionals, and our business and industry customers meet the ever-changing needs of the patients and customer bases they serve. Because of our commitment to exceptional customer service, we continue to enjoy healthy working relationships with over 500 medical operations across the nation, and we’re one of the most sought-after printing companies in our home state of Alabama. When you want that small-town touch with a national reach, we’re here to provide you with everything you need.


Cathy White, CEO

Our Company & Logo

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Our logo, the rearing charger with the rider raising his hat triumphantly, signifies a company that stands for extraordinary performance in every aspect of its operations. Brad would say, "I want to be the guy who rides into town on the white horse and saves the day!"

After Brad's death, this icon represents Brad as the rider on a rearing horse. It was created to be our everlasting tribute to a great man we truly miss.

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The people
that make us great



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The General Manager



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